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Reservation is mandatory and can be made up until 4 hours before your visit.


Press documents, kits and press articles...
Press documents


We have developed special visits and formulas for schools.
School formulas


Photos, videos, find all the visual resources of the caves of Sare
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Press documents

There are currently no press articles in English.

You can look at the existing documents in French or in Euskara :

For schools

Currently, the caves of Sare don't offer special educational formulas for schools.
However, combined tours of different sites exist for groups of children. Consult them on our "Special groups" page :

Special days for groups of children

Graphic resources

For our visitors

Since shooting is not allowed in the cave, we offer you to download a free selection of photos of the interior of the Lezea cave and of visit route.

For professionals

Various graphic elements are available to be shared and distributed:


Choose one or more photos from our FlickR account or upload a full file of photos. > Download the complete file
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We provide you with some presentation videos of the Sare caves in different formats, on our Youtube account.
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Pictures of the Caves of Sare

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we let you appreciate the beauty of the caves of Sare, sculpted by water for millennia!

Big meander
Entrance porch to the caves of Sare
In the depths of the caves of Sare
Concretions of the caves of Sare
Site of the caves of Sare
View from the porch of the caves