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Entrance porch

Enter into the Underground World of the the Caves of Sare.


Discover the cave,

its megalithic park and the site museum.

Entrance of the caves

Plan your visit

Opening hours, Prices, Booking etc.


Where to find us?

  • In Sare, basque village, listed among the most beautiful villages of France.
  • To 10km of the "Petit train de La Rhune".



International day of Caves and Subterranean World

Published : 31/01/2018

This day will take place on June 6th, and it will be the ideal opportunity for a family to introduce children to the underground world, full of mysteries and history ...

Each site participating in the "International day of Caves and Subterranean World" will offer entertainment and / or discounts.
In the caves of Sare, we will offer free admission for children (except groups). Enjoy it!

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Basque Caves day

Published : 08/03/2018
Basque Caves day

Discover the riches of basque region!

On March 18th, 8 caves of the Basque Country organize a special day for you to their cave. Enjoy 2 offers:
- a bought entry = a free entry!
- a draw: a stay of one night in a bed and breakfast in Oñati (house Arregi) + an entrance to visit the 8 participating caves, to win.

The 8 participating caves are:
Arrikrutz caves (Oñati), Ekainberri caves, Isturitz and Oxozelhaya caves, Mendukilo caves (Astitz), Pozalagua (Karrantza) caves, caves of Sare, Zugarramurdi caves and Ikaburu caves (Urdazubi-Urdax ).

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