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F.A.Q. : Frequently Asked Questions

Can we take a guided tour of the cave with a pushchair?

No. On the one hand, the stairs, and the fact that there are only guided group tours means that it is not possible to use a pushchair.
On the other hand, given the rooms are very large, a baby carrier is recommended. You may use pushchairs for free access to the museum and the megalithic park.

Can we take pictures with or without a flash and make videos during the cave visit?

No. Photos are not allowed during the guided cave tour to preserve the site, the quality of the visit and image rights.

Can I buy tickets online and if so, how? What should I do after I have made this purchase?

Yes. It is possible to buy your tickets online, at preferential rates, via he "Citybreak" platform. Once this purchase is made, a digital document will be sent to you by email.
It is essential that it is handed in or shown (if you cannot print it) when you arrive at reception to be exchanged for an admission ticket, which will state your visit schedule.
During the summer season, at our reception, priority access is provided for this purpose.
Note, these online purchases help you avoid the queue during busy periods, without giving you priority access to the visit. Indeed, the visiting schedule will depend on the available places.
These tickets must be used on the day of the chosen date.

Can a person with reduced mobility visit the cave?

Yes. The entire lower part of the cave is accessible. Please contact us two days in advance to set a priority visit schedule in the morning. A guide will stay with you for the first part of the visit, whilst the rest of the group will be in the upper gallery.
All information for people with reduced mobility.

Do we have to be equipped for the visit?

No. The visit takes place on 2 levels of galleries, along a fully landscaped course. It is better to wear closed shoes and wear a jacket because the temperature at the bottom of the cave is 14°C.

Can we freely visit?

No. The visit is systematically guided. The one-hour tour is organised with sound and light so as to move onto the lit areas to preserve the cave. A guide is required.

In the cave, do you have to take the stairs?

Yes. The visit comprises two levels of galleries. A staircase of 40 steps gives access to the prehistoric habitat site. To reach the lower gallery, there is a 20-step descending staircase. At the bottom of the cavity, there are around fifteen steps. These stairs are quite wide and do not present any difficulty.

Are animals accepted on the visit?

No. The site is classified Natura 2000 and is a place for the study of bats. Because of this, our animal friends cannot take a guided tour of the cave (even in a bag or carrier). On the other hand, they are welcome on a lead within the megalithic park and the site museum.

Are there guided tours organised in other languages?

Yes. We offer visits in Spanish, Basque or English depending on our availability (schedules and guides). Written translations are available from the guides, so you can understand the visit. Be sure to ask prior to the visit.

As an individual, should be book before visiting?

No. For individuals, it is not necessary to book, but you can contact us for availability of visits. We shall advise you on the slots and schedules for the day's visits. However, for groups (> 15 ) an advance reservation is necessary, as well as for people with reduced mobility.