Stop n°3 - Tubulure

Well and bear

Several hundred tonnes of limestone are hanging above your head !
Carved out during the quaternary era at the end of the last glacial period, this forty-meter spiral shaft reaches almost all the way up to the Earth’s surface. Imagine the swirling water, hurtling past just above you, before continuing on its way, its force calmed by the great meander where you’re standing now.

Meet my friend “Ursus Spelaeus” also known as Cave Bear. At least that’s what we call this statuesque representation of him, since he disappeared over ten thousand years ago. Weighing over a tonne and nearly three and a half meters tall standing on his hind legs, he was majestic to behold! He was almost entirely vegetarian and came here to hibernate undisturbed.

Many more, less conspicuous creatures are present at this very moment, several species of which are endemic to the caves of Sare. But you won’t see them today. Some hide from humans, while others are extremely small or just sleeping for the moment. Please don’t disturb them. This is their home, after all.